In a world characterized by technological advancement, cyber world is a destination much sought after by both experts and beginners in acquainting with religion Islam. Unfortunately, there have been concerted efforts from various media forums towards disfiguring and deforming the Islam in the cyber platform, often propped up by divergent sects from the religion itself. Muslim society is in a dire need to confront this alarming situation with viable solution to avoid further repercussions. Giving a fillip to this gigantic effort already taken up by many, Manzil media, formed in 2015 envisions an effective utilization of technological advancement to deconstruct and desensitize the same. Manzil media offers an array of projects tailored to suit specific audience in various domains, ranging from prayer apps to software development assistance. With more than 50 Islamic apps in the Google Play store and some in Apple App store concerning prayer and other requirements of day to day Muslim self making, Manzil Media is proud to steer Muslim daily life in an islamic manner. Further it deals with education assistance programs which resulted quite good performance in their carrier development. In contrast to a fleeting number of unauthorized contents in the internet, Manzil Media products are prior reviewed and authorized by robust scholars in each field. Alongside, We acknowledge the the need of sublime wing of developers to further carry these projects forward and, thus provide ample space for novices to develop their skills. Our organization stand by social obligation to the core and thus provide ready access to most of our products free of cost. As an organization embedding innovation at the heart of everything we do, we are keen to receive valuable recipes and ideas from our clients.